Welcome to OsageBioEnergy, a brand new, redesigned blog designated to the world of energy, energy conservation, renewable energy and sustainable living. Originating as a pure bio energy service we have since moved into a much broader audience and topic array. The reason for this is that we found increasingly interesting and innovative things in the world of energy and sustainable living.

To give you an idea what we have planned for the months ahead, you can expect topics including:

  • Bio energy production
  • Renewable energy innovations
  • Sustainable living
  • Energy efficient travel
  • Energy efficient homes

We are always looking for the latest news and innovation to share with our readers and your input is highly important to us. We would really appreciate any input you can provide through the comment sections or contact page. If you have ideas for content, or have encountered an interesting new technology then please reach out to us. The more we can spread the news the bigger the impact will be.

Energy usage is just one area of expertise we have and this will be something we focus on a lot. By changes the types of energy you use you can make a huge difference beyond just using less energy or making changes to your home. Through a combination of simple changes in your lifestyle and living habits you can hugely reduce your carbon foot print. And all this while saving some money at the same time.

Wherever possible we will be providing actionable advice which we have tried out ourselves to be able to give you first-hand accounts. This is something we find missing on similar sites where there is a lot of advice which has not been trialed. We will tell you about successes and failures so that you can make the best possible decision on how to lead a more energy efficient and independent life.