DIY Energy Saving Home Improvements

Not everyone is a DIY king and I am most certainly not one of them. I do fix things around the house, but they are usually simple little things. About 6 months ago I picked up a DIY book that came recommended as I wanted to broaden my knowledge and see where I could save some money rather than calling out trades people when I faced a job I felt insecure about. The book has been amazing and today I want to share something I learned and have implemented myself on my own home.

My house is relatively new having been built in the mid-90s and I know that the previous owner had done some improvements to the insulation. I honestly never really thought the house was cold or that my energy bills were particularly high. But then my last heating bill arrived which was the first one with some cold weather and after I made some upgrades to the insulation.

The first thing I did was to explore the attic and take some measurements of the insulation that was there. It was pretty decent actually but things have dramatically changed since the 90s. Materials are now much better and the recommended amounts of insulation are much higher.

As it turns out, adding insulation to your attic is quite a simple job and all I really needed to do was hire an insulation blower and get my brother to help me out on the day. I first calculated the cost of the blown in insulation material I would need and I quickly realized that is would end up costing me less than $800 including the rental of the machinery.

I could have gone for spray foam insulation material but it is considerably more expensive and at the end of the day it has the same results. As I do not use the attic I really wasn’t worried too much about how thick the layer of insulation would be.

The great thing about this project was that it was incredibly simple, reasonably cheap and now that the cold weather has arrived I have noticed a huge improvement in heat being retained. When I get up in the mornings I no longer need to have the heating on as the temperature in all the rooms is still high enough. At this stage I think my heating bills are down about 15%, but I will keep track of this over the winter and make some more detailed calculations and comparisons to previous years once the spring arrives.

The project was so simple that we actually were finished within 3 hours and then back to Home Depot to get more insulation material to do my brother’s house on the same day. This saved us money by not needing to rent the blowing machine for another day.

As I mentioned above, I’m not the most proficient DIY guy, but this was a really simple solutions that has saved me considerable amounts of energy already. I would highly recommend doing this, as the payoff will come within just a few years and you don’t need to hire expert help.

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