Top Career Prospects In Bio-energy Sector

In the past 6 to 12 months we have been repeatedly asked what we believe the best career options are in the energy sector. To a large extent we believe this is down to some pretty heavy job losses in the oil boom states like North Dakota.

Because there has been such a significant drop in oil and natural gas prices this has resulted in a lot of fracking projects no longer being viable. Ultimately this has led to thousands of job losses. The same is very much happening in the Mexican Gulf States, especially Texas being hit hard.

From a bio energy point of view the impact has been nowhere near as significant, because it is a much steadier niche energy sub sector. What I mean by that is that while we are impacted by overall movements in energy prices, which hit our bottom line, demand for our products is relatively stable.

Yes, we are taking hits on the profit side, but we are still producing more or less the same, meaning that we do not have to lay off workers at present. As matter of fact, there are countless opportunities and I would like to highlight some of those here.



Because our plants are constantly being expanded and new machinery is being added we have a huge demand for industrial welders. One of our latest hires was very unfortunate, in that he was half way through a course offered at Texas underwater welding schools. He had invested 9 months of his time and almost $20,000 only to find that all the job opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico had completely vanished.

The good thing was that John was not just specialized in underwater welding, but rather had started with regular welding classes and then decided to expand his education. This meant that was able to immediately adapt to his situation and apply for jobs in the Bio sector and he has been a fantastic addition to our team.

A lot of the welding jobs we have at the moment involve the expansion of industrial machinery and plants. It seems like we have a constant backlog of different teams requesting work for our welders.


Heavy Machine Operators

Most people just think of operators for the construction and mining industry, but truth is that we are very dependent on good machine operators. We do not require as many or even the types of operators as the regular oil industry, but a significant part of our workforce is involved in keeping the plant running and fed.

Both input and output products of the plant need to be moved and kept moving. This requires a very flexible and hardworking team that are constantly adapting to changing speeds of operation and ever more technical machinery. If you are familiar with heavy machinery and get excited about new technologies then you should be very suitable for our industry.


Truck Drivers

The carbon oil and gas refining industry enjoys one significant advantage on the supply chain side. There are huge networks of pipelines that directly transport natural gas and oil to industrial plants that then refine it for sale onto the market.

With bio energy refining this is not possible. Most of our input products are agricultural in nature and have to be transported on large trucks. These arrive in at many plants on a 24/7 basis to keep the plants running at maximum capacity. If you have been recently laid off from an energy sector transportation job then I highly recommend you seek for opportunities in bio energy. We are heavily dependent on reliable drivers and there are quite a few transport companies that work almost exclusively with bioenergy companies.


These are just three of the most heavily sought after job opportunities. I will be expanding this list in the coming months as we expand our operation and our recruitment drive gets into full swing. Stay posted!

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